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Wendy’s Bio

About Quality Admin. Services


Quality Admin. Services aims to solve the diverse challenges facing businesses by providing a plan of action to promote and facilitate the growth of businesses.


You will always receive 150% commitment on your project, ensuring clarity and accuracy to reach your goals.




· Associates Degree in Information/Word Processing


· Administrative Assistant Conference Seminar



· Exceptional Customer Service Seminar



Some results I have produced include:


· Coordinate project tasks for an e-Learning Producer.  Communicate

  with clients and producer to stay on schedule of contracts, invoices,

  materials, proofreading, etc.


· Organized a one-day energy-technology seminar for 100 attendees.  

  Prepared mass mailings, arranged catering and managed



· From concept to implementation, aided a not-for-profit organization

  from start up, formulating ideas and implementing them by creating

  forms, promotional materials and manuals to streamline their

  numerous services.


· Implemented 10+ leasing documents to automate processing,

  reducing generation time by 75%.  


· Compiled a monthly newsletter for property consisting of 50+

  tenants.  Developed and coordinated a quarterly corporate

  newsletter to 250+ employees.


· Researched 1500+ companies for contact information.

About the Owner


After various executive administrative positions with companies, I saw a niche for offering high-quality services in secretarial and administrative support for businesses looking to reduce costs and create consistent results.


I was born and raised in Missouri, and attended Metropolitan Community College on a scholarship. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Information/Word Processing.


I personally have over nine years experience in secretarial and administrative support with a flair for details, organization and meeting goals.


My administrative background is extensive, having worked for several companies, including property management, investigative and a not-for-profit organization.



Tasks I Thrive On


Details, Details, Details - The more detail oriented a project needs to be the better.  I enjoy making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


Organization & Efficiency - I am always looking for ways to make processes more efficient and effective to save time and money.


Goal Oriented - I enjoy the challenge of meeting deadlines.


Project Coordination - I thrive on the opportunity to be creative and communicate in completing a project.  


“...where your challenges are solved!”