World Kindness Day


On November 13, people around the world will commit random acts of kindness!

The World Kindness Movement has been growing quickly since 1996 when it was born out of a series of international conferences held in Japan.

Each participating country has formed its own national kindness organization. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, USA offers a website full of school and community resources: "Activity ideas, lesson plans, project plans, teacher's guide, project planning guide, publicity guide and workplace resources."


Click there today to see how you can spread kindness in your world.

In the fast paced world of business, it is easy to forget to say a sincere Thank You.


Use these ideas to help you in the workplace and in your personal life.


Say Thank You in a Different Language.

Danish - Tak                 French - Merci              German - Danke

Japanese - Arigato        Portuguese - Obrigado


Create a Short List.  Write down the things you are thankful for today, this week or this month.


Eye Contact.  Look at the person when you say thank you instead of as a casual passing.


Elaborate.  Be specific as to why you are thanking the person.  This will make it more meaningful and personal to the individual.  Make it more powerful by stating this in front of others like in a meeting or luncheon.


Email.  Use the power of technology to say thank you.  This will give you time to think of what you want to say before you send it.


Hand Out Certificates.  A certificate is a nice way to show a person they are appreciated.  It does not have to be elaborate; remember, it is the thought that counts.


Cheer up with Flowers.  A small bouquet or a single flower with an attached note is a nice way to be reminded of your value.


Value of Food.  Who doesn't love food?  A favorite snack, candy bar, homemade cookie, muffin or fruit is a nice way to thank someone for their efforts.


For inspirational stories, visit:

Eight Ways to Say Thank You

Wendy Bingaman, Owner

Solving Challenges

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November's Events

     4-6    Arabian Horse Show      

    1-13    Somewhere Over the Rainbow:  The Songs of Harold Arlen @ Quality Hill Playhouse

    1-30    Buddy:  The Buddy Holly Story @ American Heartland Theatre

         6    Chiefs vs. Raiders

  12-13    Weston Holiday Open House in Weston

  15-30    Stuart Little @ The Coterie Theatre

       18    Carlsen Center Presents Broadway: The Star Spangled Celebration @ Yardley Hall

       19    89th Annual Handel's Messiah @ Community of Christ Auditorium

       20    Vienna Boys Choir @ Yardley Hall

       24    Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony

       25    Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting

  25-27    Jungle Bells @ Kansas City Zoo

       27    Chiefs vs. Patriots

Text Box: Notary Public Week	November 3-7

This year, Missouri Notary Laws changed.  By law, a notary public is permitted to 
charge two separate fees: a travel fee and a service fee. 

The travel fee may not exceed the federal mileage rate.  The maximum service fee is 
$25, when traveling to perform a notarial act.

Both, the notary and the person requesting a notary, must agree on the fees in advance of the notary affixing the official seal.

Remember:  Do not sign any document needing notarized until you are in the presence of the notary.  This applies to all signing parties.  Signing beforehand may void the ability to notarize.