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What is a Virtual Assistant? 

“A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis."
By definition, a Virtual Assistant is a small business owner and highly-skilled professional who is available on an "as-needed for the task" basis or a pre-planned retainer basis to provide business support services for you.   These services are backed by a combination of professional skills, ethics and confidentiality.  
Your VA works as an independent contractor remotely from her own office when you need an extra hand in meeting those deadlines or completing the normal day-to-day operations of your business. And you can avoid all the headaches, expenses and training issues that go along with hiring an employee to do the job.  As well, you never have to worry about providing the necessary office space, equipment and software to get the job done right.
Tips on Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Ask Questions.
· What are the VA’s standard work hours?

· Is this in the same time zone as you?

· Is Daylight Savings Time observed?

· Does the VA work evenings, weekends or

Find Out What You Want.
· What services does the VA provide?  If your need
  is not mentioned, ask if it is offered.  Most VA’s
  offer diverse services but usually list the most
  common services.

· What rate do you expect to pay?  VA’s vary in
  their prices from $20-$60 depending on service
  provided.  Rates can be hourly, per project, rush
  or discounted.

Payment Policies
· What are the terms of payment and what forms of
  payment are accepted?

What About Personality
· Do you like this VA?  Just as in an interview, you
  and your VA will be working together and
  compatible personalities is important.

· Ask about the VA’s working style and how a
  project is completed.

Verify Training & Experience
· What experience does the VA have?

· What training does the VA have?  Remember,
  anyone can have a virtual business and claim to
  be qualified but the proof is in the work.

· Ask about a trial project.  Sometimes a VA will
  discount a first time client for trying their services.

· View samples of the VA’s work.

· Ask for references.
Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

· On time.  On target.  On budget.

· Services are tailored to meet your needs. Only pay for time and
  expenses directly related to your project.

· Easy and hassle-free.  No need to spend your valuable time hiring
  and training employees who may not stay or is just interested in a
  weekly paycheck.

· Eliminate idle time, personal issues or breaks, insurance,
  equipment costs, extra office space and employee benefits.

· From start to finish, you will know the status of your project and will
  always receive 150% effort.

· Flexible scheduling enables us to meet your time-critical deadlines!

· Outsourcing keeps you focused on building or expanding your

· Quality Admin. Services aims to keep your business moving quickly,
  smoothly and cost-effectively; to make sure your finished projects
  exceed your expectations.
“...where your challenges are solved!”